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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
8:35 pm

Ok...here's the details you all should know...

-There is no Loire successor, that means the council must decide who are the candidates to the presidency.

-We will not be around for the elections.

Yes, sorry, but with everything going on, I've decided that we're going home! Back to Balamb, back to peace and quiet. Of course, as always, if you're interested in what's happening in Esthar, Channel 4965541 is the best source you'll get for coverage.

Try to live around this turmoil, its not like this world hasn't seen turmoil before.

current mood: annoyed

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Monday, August 16th, 2004
7:39 pm - Evil Motives

Good job on defending the Airstation everyone. However, it seems they came for only one objective...and accompolished it. That objective...was to assassinate President Loire.

I have no details on what's going to happen now. All I know is that I must escort the Headmaster to the Presidential Palace tomorrow for a speech from the minister of defense. I'll be sure to tell you what all is announced there.

Something fishy's going on here, and I don't think the President's death is the end of it.

current mood: shocked

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
8:34 pm - Red Alert!!

We have a situation people! Calling all SeeDs to Esthar, I repeat Calling all SeeDs to Esthar!!

Neo Galbadia attacked suddenly this morning, the battle has been going all day. Esthar just recently sent the request, and now all Gardens are sending in reinforcements.

Here is Balambs Orders:

From: President Loire
To: Balamb SeeD

-At precisely 05:50, 3 internal agents opened the Salt Flat Gateways to let in the NGM (Neo Galbadia Military). In the course of 15 hours, Neo Galbadia has seized most of Esthar. We are now organizing a plan to retake the city. Balamb Garden, your part is perhaps the most important. Neo Galbadia has seized the Airship Dock to allow reinforcements into the city. Your mission is to retake the Airship Dock and guard it from all Galbadia Reinforcements. This mission is of the utmost urgency, all SeeD able to do so must participate.

You heard him!! Move Out!!

current mood: crazy

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Friday, August 13th, 2004
2:05 pm - *waits*


It seems like the Tournament has come to a sort of a standstill...there's hardly anyone at the faire or in the arenas! It's like...everyone's suddenly lost interest. I went down to do a Solo Gladiator match to rack up some points for Balamb, and there wasn't anyone to compete against....

Do you think there's something happening on the inside (Esthar, I mean) that could be causing this? I mean...it's not normal at all for all of the activity to just...stop...perhaps there's something going on?



current mood: confused

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
3:19 pm - Sorry guys...

Heh, been a bit busy these last two days organizing Garden Repairs and tending to the injured.

Talked with the judges yesterday, without "complete proof" there's nothing they can do! Which is kinda bad news...but it also means something else, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about, and how good of news THAT is.

Check out the scoreboard so far...Round 2 is a single match between the two Gardens with the lowest score tomorrow, that means whichever Garden has the highest score by tomorrow morning gets to skip right to Round 3! So go out and make us some points!!

current mood: exhausted

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
4:08 pm - Almost time

Alright guys, we've got a little less than an hour until the Garden Invasion, let's make sure we've got everything ready, eh? Magic, weapons, ammo, all that good stuff.

How...exactly are we planning to invade their Garden? Oh well. I'm all ready to go. Got my gear right here, and I'm ready to tear out and kick some ass.

Is anyone else as amped as me? XD

current mood: anxious

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2:42 pm - Defence Update.

Thanks to all your help I now have:

30 Mesmirise blades
50 spider webs
Which I have made into 12 traps. Still need more spider webs to make more traps.

4 steel pipes
8 Fish Fins
I'm just waiting on the m-stone peices to make 2 turrets.

Thankyou again!

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Thursday, August 5th, 2004
12:42 pm - Your freindly neighborhood scorekeeper

I decided to do this so you don't have to...remember, you can participate in any event at any time, as they're always going on. But you'll only be registered for the events you signed up for

Weapon Combat ~ 50pts
Team Combat ~ 100pts
Solo Gladiator ~ 40pts
Team Gladiator ~ 80pts
Draw Combat ~ 60pts
Garden Invasion ~ 250pts

Balamb Garden: 05690 pts
Galbadia Garden: 04500 pts
Trabia Garden: 05040 pts
Centra Garden: 06610 pts
Esthar Garden: 04550 pts
White SeeD: 03220 pts
Days Remaining: 13

Garden Invasion, Round 2:
White SeeD
~*~match set TBA~*~

So go out there and win this for us!!

current mood: bouncy

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3:05 pm - Defence Plans.

I can build two kinds of defenses, each of them requires some materials to be gathered.

1: Spring trap.
Materials Needed:
1x Mesmerise blade
4x Spider Web.

These traps can be aplied to a door or in a hallway. When the enemy trips the thread, the blade will spring out at them.

I have plenty of Mesmirise blades with me (All there was to do in Trabia is hunt Mesmirises!) so all we need is lots of spider webs. They can be collected from Caterchipillars. I think I saw some in the training area, so they should be easy.

2: Gun Turrets
2x Steel Pipes
4x Fish fin
8x M-Stone Peices.
Scan magic

These are automatic gun turrets. They use scan magic to detect the enemy then fire any amunition at the enemy.

I think Chris can make the amunition. We need people who have scan magic stocked to give one to each turret. Also, I am not sure where we can get these items from, so this one could be harder to make.

Please drop materials off at the quad, where I will be assembling them, or visit me in dorm B107

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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
10:10 am - Do you see it?

Hey all, when you get a chance, take a glance out on the second floor balcony! Esthar is withing sight! I have a feeling we'll reach the Arena by nightfall. Oh, and I think we should discuss strategies for Garden Invasion. I'm hoping Chris and Monty can work together to create some automated defense so we have more people available for an offensive maneuver. but I'm open to suggestions.

current mood: anxious

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
5:02 pm - OOC: There's an FF8 guild in the new GGN! -Shock!-


I, along with a few other FF8-worshipping, violent, sadistic, sons of bitches, have taken the liberty to create an FF8 game discussion/role-playing/slightly-anti-FF7 guild that cost 20k to make! T_T

So yeah. It's called Liberi Fatali - The Children of Fate, and has role-playing threads, ooc threads, game discussion threads, and FF7-bashing threads. You don't have to participate in the 7-bashing if you don't want to. ^-^;

Well, that's about it then... Scurries off to post rules and stuff

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12:06 pm - OOC: Encouragement

Just dropping a freindly reminder about Posting "rule" #3.

Cypress' whole thing about her dream is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Feel free to add to the plot in any way you wish, be it in your personal journal or the Square. Just don't be disappointed if your subplot doesn't get a larger role in the overlaying plot, however quite a few of them will.

current mood: grateful

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3:40 pm

-Character Name: Montparnasse Reonelle (Monty for short ^ ^)
-Gender: Male
-Status: Student, Pending last examination.
-Character Age: 18
-Character DOB:
-Weapon of Choice: Trigger Chain
-Bio: I recently transfered from New Trabia Garden. I thought that a travelling garden would be cool... and they thought that I was a bit too much for Trabia ^ ^;;
I would of scored exelently on my SeeD exams if i obeyed orders. Instead they failed me and I have to do it again. But thats OK because it has been fun. I hope to start a weapon remodeling club at the garden (message me if you are interested ^ ^) and I made my own weapon. It was made by mounting the sheer trigger firing mechanism to a mesmirise blade, then atatching that as one end on a shinobu (death sticks / chain weapon). It's realy cool! You use it like any other chain weapon, but you can trigger a shot like a gunblade too!
Everywhere I go, you will notice me with my hat, scarf and jacket. That way you can tell it's me!
I hope Balamb will be as fun as they say it is!

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
2:47 pm - Happy Birthday Eleni!!

Yay!! At last, a reason to celebrate!! *Parties* So who brought the keg? =P

current mood: silly

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2:53 am - Student #18430276

Name: Chris Ganale
Gender: Male
Status: SeeD
Age: 18
DOB: 6-Jul
Weapon of Choice: Heavy weaponry ie assault rifles, machine guns, etc. Also skilled with (Desert Eagle) automatic pistols, and most kinds of demolitions materials.
Bio: I was born and partially-raised in Timber, and grew up learning about the town's history of being ground underneath Galbadia's rule. As such, I hate all things affiliated with 'Galbadia.' As soon as I was old/strong enough, I took off for Balamb Garden, hoping to become a SeeD and fight against 'Bucketheads' like the legendary SeeDs of the Sorceress War that I learned about.

I came into my own as a proficient marksman with most firearms, but the (M4A1) assault rifle is my favorite. If I'm in a situation that calls for heavy firepower, I'll switch out the assault rifle for the (M249) heavy machinegun, which uses the same ammo as my rifle. I'm also quite fond of lobbing around grenades and other homemade explosive devices in a battlefield situation. This, combined with my heavy playing of games like Counterstrike and SOCOM, got me the nickname 'Mad Fragger.'

When I'm not blowing things apart, I tend to hang around the Garden, working on fictional novels based on the SeeDs of old. Currently in my works is a novel I call "Final Fantasy Legends" which is basically about our world combining with two other 'fantasy' worlds. It's coming along pretty well, despite the fact that I'm following my usual style of just writing for the hell of it, with no real plot behind it.

Whoa, look at me. I've gone off rambling again. I tend to do that. You guys oughta watch me for that... >.>

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Sunday, August 1st, 2004
10:32 am - OOC: Garden Invasion

As of right now, the first Garden Invasion will be held on AIM this Friday at around 6:00 EST (3:00 PST, I'm sure you all can figure out the rest).Please contact me (Lennes Shuyin) sometime this week to confirm your participation. If this time is inconvenient please post a comment to this with a suggestion for a better time or day, I'll plan around these, thanks!

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Thursday, July 29th, 2004
4:41 am - Student ID # 1849362

So here I am:
Name: Kayle Selace
Gender: Female
Status: SeeD
Age: 17
Date of Birth: June 6th
Weapon of Choice: Blaster Edge
Bio: Having lost my parents when I was 4 in an accident I can hardly remember, I lived in Dollet most of my life with my adopted family. At the age of 11 I went to live in Balamb Garden to train as a SeeD, as I and my family wished for me to do (after much discussion and arguments -_-). I have not been home ever since. I usually am very introverted and reserved, and prefer to spend my time focusing on training with some magic I've picked up along the way, but I'd love to get to know you all ^^.

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
4:44 pm - The Garden Tournament

That's right! We're leaving FH at last! And beginning the week long flight to Esthar Arena for the 23rd Annual Garden Tournament.

We're still looking for volunteers so don't forget to check this year's rules and Reg's in the front lobby, then feel free to sign up!
This Year's events include...

-Weapon Combat (basic dual)
>Astrid Roo
>Trent Vrilion
>Chris Ganale

-Team Combat (same as WC, except with three members)
>Cypress Kale
>Eleni Fritz
>Astrid Roo

-Solo Gladiator (whoever finishes off the most monsters wins)
>Cypress Kale
>Trent Vrilion
>Kayle Selace

-Team Gladiator (whichever team finishes off the most monsters wins)
>Eleni Fritz
>Trent Vrilion
>Kayle Selace

-Draw Battle (in which whoever has the most magic at the end of the match wins)
>Astrid Roo

And of course the main event...
-Garden Invasion: In commemoration of the epic battle that took place so long ago, two rival Gardens will square off in a long-term strategy game. The object is to reach the Headmaster's Office of the opposing Garden first.

(As usual, our first Rival garden will be Galbadia....sorry Eleni =P)

current mood: jubilant

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
5:43 pm - Where are you from?


Just a thought. I was born in Esthar, though I hardly remember living there. After my parents died I lived with my uncle in Deling City until I was five, then I came here. I've been here ever since. Kind of odd, really...I mean I'd go back to Deling to visit on holidays, but I hardly think of my uncle's place as my home. I'm done ranting though! Where are all you from? I think it's interesting to see how many people from all over the world show up since the Gardens became mobile all that time ago ^^


current mood: curious

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7:42 pm - Possible Ball?

I've been thinking.. Maybe what we need around here is a "Farewell FH Party"! I mean, we've been here awhile, and now we're leaving. We should celebrate this with a Ball, or any kind of festival, really. ^^ I don't know.. Maybe I'm just eager to start planning.

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